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The idea of Temple Israel was conceived by seven families in 1963, and shortly thereafter with 30 member families, They rented a store in the Holiday Park shopping center. By the end of 1963 membership had grown to 100 families, and a Sisterhood and Men's Club were formed.

By the end of 1964, a 1 1/4 acre lot was purchased at the current Clubhouse Road location. Temple Israel moved into the new building in the latter half of 1968, with a membership of 200+ families.

In 1970, participation of female congregants in the synagogue rituals took a step forward when, on Rosh Hashanah, two women were called to sit on the Bema.

In 1974, a major fire destroyed much of the inside of the building, but by September, not only was the fire damage repaired the new sanctuary wing was completed.

The current facility was offically dedicated on April 6, 1975.

Today, Temple Israel is looking to enhance our community with new members like you, and your family. Join us for one of our weekly gatherings such as Minyan at 8:00 pm (Mon. through Thurs. ) Friday evening Shabbat services (8 pm) and Saturday Shabbat Services (9 am).

Join us to take advantage of one of our religious programs. Join us for our Hebrew School of excellence.

Most importantly join us for a family, a community and a place to hang your Kippah!

Some of the Most Recent Events include:

Lego Menorah- building the world's tallest Menorah.

The Cooking Competition- Congregants competed with their signature dishes for the prize winning dish.

The Purim Carnival- Best in town!

The Reading of the Megillah- The Megillah is read by the Rabbi as children of all ages join us in Synagogue dressed in costumes to celebrate Purim.

Big Screen Movie- Big Screen Movie viewing to start off the school year as parents and children joined together for a good time.

Wine Tasting- Help sample wine for Passover.

Beer Sampling

Football Shabbat- Congregants came to Synagogue dressed in their favorite team's apparel and enjoyed a kiddish luncheon of stadium food and discussed football triiva.

Baseball Shabbat- Congregants came to Synagogue dressed in their favorite team's apparel and enjoyed a kiddish luncheon of stadium food and discussed baseball trivia.

SISTERHOOD: is a Synagogue service organization that promotes cultural, social and educational involvement in the temple,

community and Jewish activities. Fashion shows, Mitzvah projects, Sisterhood Sabbath, Chanukah boutiques and cultural

programs, are just a few of its activities.

MEN’S CLUB: is a Synagogue service organization that assists the Temple with cultural and social events. Constructing the Sukkah, sponsoring the Chanukah party, running the Purim Carnival and coordinating an annual winter

dance as well as a spring family picnic are but some of its many and varied activities.

SPECIAL SHABBAT PROGRAMS:Join us for special services throughout the year including Men’s Club Shabbat, Sisterhood Shabbat, and Simcha Celebrations.

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