Sunday School

Tiny Tots
For children ages 3-4 to begin the process of Jewish identification and learning.

Kindergarten children further develop the programs introduced in Tiny Tots.

Primary I and II is where 1st and 2nd grade children are introduced to reading Hebrew.

Hebrew School

Hebrew School begins in 3rd grade. The program focuses on areas such as: reading, history, customs, rituals and current events. Our music teacher adds fun and socialization to the academic program.

Youth Group, or Botnim, meets twice a month for a special evening dinner, activity and socialization.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Each child is individually taught for his/ her special day. A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is not a “performance,” but rather a culmination of years of study and experience in leading the congregation in prayer.

Additional Youth Programs

Tot Shabbat
Special Friday evening services designed specifically for our youngest members.

Brachot and Breakfast
Join your children on Sunday mornings for breakfast and instruction from Rabbi Hoffman to learn the weekday services.