Join the Congregation

A synagogue is a growing community. One that provides a place to enjoy times of Joyousness and one to seek comfort in times of sorrow. A place to pray, learn and a place to share ideas.

The way a community becomes stronger by embracing and nurturing its current members… but also though building membership. When making a decision about where you will be entrusting your spirituality and family, we suggest that you consider the following:

Which synagogue makes you feel the most comfortable?
Which synagogue do you feel will embrace your views on Judaism?
Which synagogue is willing to adapt to your needs?
Which synagogue provides the sense of community you desire?

We invite you to experience our synagogue, our values and become part of our community.
We are constantly searching for ways to build our community. Your participation will provide another brick in our already strong foundation.

We offer a few different membership types:

  • Associate membership for couples under 35 years old with children under Hebrew School age
  • Family membership for couples with children of Hebrew School age
  • Single membership is available for single people
  • Senior membership over 65 years of age